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Applying for a new job? Looking to adopt? Immigration application? Or maybe you would like to volunteer somewhere? The Fingerprint Room Inc.can help.

International Fingerprinting Package

Canadian Citizens/Non-Canadian Citizens living outside of Canada, Please check out our International Fingerprinting Package.

We specialize in Criminal record and criminal background checks.

The Fingerprint Room Inc. is one of the first RCMP accredited fingerprinting agencies in Richmond, BC. We offer our services in English, Japanese and Chinese for your convenience .The need and demand for Fingerprint based criminal history screening is high in Canada. Many organizations are striving to employ the right person for the job. Many companies would like to know who is working for them. Corporations and agencies are now requiring both employees and volunteers to be fingerprinted.

The Fingerprint Room Inc. will be able to fulfil all your identification and Criminal records and Criminal background checks needs. We will be able to capture and submit digital fingerprints to the RCMP through a Live Scan station and state of the art Card Scan. This process is the fastest and safest way to submit your prints to the RCMP. This reduces the turnaround time from the RCMP to 7-14 days, if do not have a criminal record.

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