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Easy & Safe The Fingerprint Room is one of the most reliable places for a criminal record check!

The Fingerprint Room Inc. employs state of the art digital technology that is certified by the RCMP and FBI; to ensure fast and Reliable fingerprinting results. At The Fingerprint Room Inc. our secure and convenient digital fingerprinting services allow you to receive results in days instead of months. The Fingerprint Room Inc. understand that your time is important and our agents work diligently to ensure that your digital fingerprinting process is quick and easy.
The Fingerprint Room Inc. understand that not all organizations prefer digital fingerprinting. For organizations that require Ink & Roll fingerprinting our agents are trained and experienced in Ink & Rolled fingerprinting services.

What is your purpose for visiting us?

The Fingerprint Room Inc. understands the sensitivity surrounding these types of situations. We've refined our discreet process to protect your privacy while working to help you obtain your legal documents quickly and affordable.

The Fingerprint Room Inc. has a close working relationship with LegalEase Document Services, which is located in Calgary, Alberta. LegalEase Documents Services has been serving the city of Calgary and surrounding areas since 2010. LegalEase Document Services specializes in the perpetration of legal documents such as Canadian Record Suspension and US Waivers. In 2011 LegalEase Document Services became an accredited organization which was allowed to take civil fingerprints for the RCMP. With this accreditation LegalEase Document Services also received its own server which has a direct link to the RCMP database (CCRTIS) in Ottawa.After 5 years of success in Calgary, LegalEase Documents Services wanted to reach out and help the rest of western Canada, starting with their neighbor province of BC. The Fingerprint Room Inc was born; and is now happily serving the City of Richmond and surrounding areas. LegalEase Documents Services was the first Company in western Canada to receive a server from the RCMP.

The Fingerprint Room Inc. and LegalEase Document Services continue to work closely to serve Western Canada.

There are a number of reasons to obtain your fingerprints or your Criminal record checks. Some of them included but are not limited to;

  • (Canadian Pardons) Record Suspension and US Waiver applications
  • Employment
  • Visas and Border Crossing
  • Child Adoption
  • Background Checks
  • Security Clearance
  • Immigration
  • BC Security Workers Licenses
  • Name Change
  • Licenses to Grow/ Medical Marijuana
  • International Fingerprinting (Ink& Roll)
  • Volunteer Employment

Need your background check quicker?

CPIC (Canadian Police Information Center—managed by the RCMP in Ottawa)

The Fingerprint Room Inc. also provides criminal record checks through our CPIC services. This process examines records based on your name and date of birth with results in hand within hours instead of days.

Record Suspension and US Wavier Assistant

The Fingerprint Room Inc. is able to assist you in completing your application for your Record Suspension or your Wavier of Inadmissibility to USA.

Our prices for these services are the best in the industry!

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