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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Fingerprinting?

Digital fingerprinting is the electronic capture of a person’s fingerprints using a scanner. The scanned fingerprints, along with the application details are formatted into a standardized electronic package that is attached and emailed, through a secure link, directly to the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS). CCRTIS compares the fingerprint package against the RCMP’s criminal record database. If no record is present, the RCMP will issue a certificate indicating a clear record. If the applicant does have a criminal record this will be indicated in the results.

What is the processing time ?

When the fingerprints are electronically submitted to RCMP then RCMP Process the application send the results in3 business daysthrough a regular mail if no match to an RCMP fingerprint criminal holding. But when there is a match to a RCMP criminal holding processing times can take up to or exceed120 days

How long is my certificate valid for?

Your background check certificate is valid for 12 months.

Do you also provide traditional ink based fingerprints ?

Yes we do provide traditional ink based fingerprints if it requested or individual have requirement for ink and roll fingerprints.

How fast I can get the results for criminal background check / CPIC / Police Clearance letter ?

We can provide you the Original criminal background check / CPIC / Police Clearance letter in 3 to 4 hrs.

Can you provide us a Criminal background for Vulnerable Sector check ?

No, for Vulnerable Sector (VS) check you have to go to your local police where you live, no other police services can provide you the check. 

What form of payment is acceptable?

We accept cash, debit , VISA and MasterCard.